Captura de Tela 2016-05-02 A�s 11.00.37 order glycomet The Latin America and BrazilA?s social, political and economic conjecture, in special at this moment of our history, challenge all the popular educators to view their experiences in the perspective of the society we are building. ItA?s fundamental to empower and share learning process in the present, so we can take the role of protagonist of a�?a possible new worlda�?, that we announce.

Inspired in World Social Forum (WSF), FREPOP takes place annually since 2003 and is on itA?s thirteenth national and tenth international editions. ItA?s articulated by popular educators that act in Brazil and Latin America.

The 2016a��s organization committee of Recife/PE FREPOP, invites popular educators, social movements and branches organized for the guarantee and improvement of rights, to share on FREPOP designated areas, inside UFPEa��s (Federal University of Pernambuco) campus on July 19 http://www.sunkwan.com.cn/2018/03/shipping-diabecon/ th to the 23th, their organizational experiences, learning skills and a global view guided to the theme a�?Popular education: Democracy and the challenge of Social struggle in the construction of the society we wanta�?.

Subscription is ALREADY OPENED for the self-management activities to be developed on the axis below:

Axis I: POPULAR EDUCATION: The fight for democracy, social media and popular organization perspectives in the construction of the society we want;

Axis II: POPULAR EDUCATION: Everyday challenge on Human Rights effectiveness;

Axis III: POPULAR EDUCATION: Citizen Participation on public politics;

Axis IV: POPULAR EDUCATION: Gender, sexuality, cultural diversity, ethnic and spiritual: resistances and tensions in constructing the society we want;

Axis V: POPULAR EDUCATION: Formation, knowledge e practices on the relations on formal education, non-formal and popular universities;

Axis VI: POPULAR EDUCATION: Strengthening of peoplea��s fight, traditional communities and black population;

Axis VII: POPULAR EDUCATION: Sustainabilitya��s Challenges and environmental field, city, forest and water justice;

Axis VIII: POPULAR EDUCATION: Reinventing fight strategies on the construction of popular hegemony in Latin America;

Axis IX: POPULAR EDUCATION: Potentialities and conflicts on the construction of a society of a�?Bem-Vivera�? (well-being);

Axis X: POPULAR EDUCATION: Culture as resistance and fighting tool for emancipation;



Activities subscription

The activities subscriptions can be done on FREPOPA?s website www.frepop.org.br or by clicking directly in THIS FORM.

We inform that the self-management activities are a responsibility of the educators, movements, groups and segments who registered the program.


All the activities will grant a registration-confirmation form.

Activities Registration Deadline: June 16, 2016.

Lodging and dormitory Pills

We are organizing solidary lodging for those who will come to Recife from abroad. In the act of FREPOPA?s activity subscription you must inform if you will need this kind of accommodation.

Organizational Committee

Executive Secretary Glauce Gouveia a�� glauce.gv@gmail.com

Contact: + 55 81 3073-6411 or + 55 81 3073-6410

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